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Here’s what our guests say about us. If you’ve recently stayed with us you can leave your own comment.

  1. Raik and Matthias says:

    Hey guys!

    We will come back in March 2017 for the third time :-D

    It is like coming home again. Great hostel, tasty italian food, friendly, funny family and lovely animals like Kune Kune pigs. :-D

    Raik and Matthias
    Halle (Saale), Germany

  2. Carl Wigren says:

    Awesome place to stay in NZ. Keep up the great work!

  3. Daniel Hawes says:

    I stayed a couple of nights with a friend in February of 2014. Without a doubt the most welcoming, friendly and warm hearted ”hostel” I have visited anywhere in the world. It feels like you are staying at Aunty’s house, not a hostel. It’s a refreshing change to not be surrounded by people who have travelled half way across the world to get drunk in a club but instead, spend time with people who have a genuine interest in seeing the true beauty of the country they have put so much effort into visiting.

    Lindsey and Stefano are friendly and welcoming. As soon as we walked into the place, Stefano was eager to have us fed and caffined before showing us his incredibly speedy pet that he keeps on the property (you gotta go too see it).

    Other than that, do the dukes nose hike and don’t wimp out at the end. You can do it, I believe in you and the views are at the end are breathtaking.

    Cheers Stefano and Lindsey,

    Hope to see you again next year!

  4. Christian & Olga says:

    Hello Lindsey and Stefano!
    We have been in Febr. 1993 in your famos hostel!! It was soooooo nice, and today I search your website on google. We were a group with one swiss-couple (Esther & Beat), David (sticy datel pudding) from England and other people in your house… you remember?? We will come back …. Olga&Chris

  5. Oriano Zanarini, Angela Lippolis ( Bologna ) (In acqua al tempo di "Prada") says:

    Siete sempre tra i nostri piĆ¹ cari ricordi ; ovunque siamo stati o andremo ancora, ci conforta sempre la speranza di poter incontrare altri un poco come Voi.

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